Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fear Journal

When I was young i had a developed fear of the 'monster' under my bed. I remember sitting on my bed not wanted to hang my feet over the edge for the fear of them being bitten off. When I finally would put my feet down to the floor I would run as fast as I could out of my room into safety. Looking back no I can see there never was nor will there ever be a monster under my bed, unless, of course, someone decided to break into my room and hide under my bed and scare me as a joke... scary thought! My fear of this monster was with me up until I was about 10 years old. Now that we are reading "Lord of the Flies", it bring me back to when I was most scared as a youngster. Reding about how those boys are alone on an island, as well as how young they are, makes my story look like I am a pretty big baby. I think everyone has a fear of something they just won't admit it, so I guess i dont feel as much of a baby knowing that everyone does have a fear. My fear was the monster under the bed. What's yours?